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Have you ever seen a doggie dream?

Doggie Dreams: Haanz the Saint Bernard
Created by Jena London

Join Haanz the Saint Bernard on a thrilling and dangerous search for a lost traveler in a blizzard. Doing what Saint Bernards do best, will Haanz find the lost traveler and save the day?


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"This book is amazing. The story is great - my kids love it and they love the animation!"

"This is an excellent book. Great illustrations, fun sounds and animation, and a great story. It's fun, and teaches something about the breed. It's also great to re-read and play with, since there are various ways to read the book. Highly recommended!"

"Really good book! Can read it yourself or have it read to you. Fun to find all the "Easter eggs" hidden throught. Kids will love it and adults will enjoy working through it with their little ones!"

Creative Team


Jena London

Doggie Dreams creator and author Jena London has been an animal lover all of her life. She grew up with two adorable miniature Dachshunds: Muffinton and Hildegard. When Jena graduated from college, she had an opportunity to get a dog that was all her own. The choice was simple! She settled on a 180-pound Saint Bernard and named him Haanz. Jena has been writing reviews and opinions for magazines and other publications for more than twenty years. Now, for a breath of fresh air, she is branching out with Doggie Dreams, her first children's series. Her Saint Bernard, Haanz, served as the inspiration for the first book in the series. Jena now has two dogs, Gibson, a boutique-breed Teddy Bear and Luke, a sweet Basset Hound/Beagle mix that she rescued. Two cats and three Holland Lop-Eared bunnies are also part of Jena's family.


Meet Jena!

Brian Defferding

Doggie Dreams Illustrator Brian Defferding's first love is drawing and painting. In his youth he was inspired by many children's books, which ignited his imagination. He started making his own comics when he was 14 years old and has never stopped. Brian is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has been influenced by such talents as Charles Adams, Edward Gorey, Thomas Ott, Geoff Darrow, and Giovanni Piranesi. Brian is the proud owner of a beautiful Pit Bull named Reznor.


Meet Brian!

Jason Kutz

Doggie Dreams Composer Jason Kutz is a gifted pianist and composer. He is currently attending the University of Wisconsin - Madison pursuing a Master's degree in Piano Performance. His interests spread between and beyond jazz, classical, theatre, improvisation, media scores, and visual art & music integration. And tiramisu.


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